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Having a tow truck business holds some unique risk factors. We understand all of the particular implications of your business and we are here to provide you with Tow Truck Insurance policies in New York City that will adequately meet your needs. You may be starting a tow truck business and you would like to consider insurance possibilities before being exposed to risks or you may have been working in this business for a while and you would like to make amends concerning your employees and the wellbeing of your company. In either case, it is important to know that in New York, Tow Truck Insurance is a key asset for a business involving such unique demanding risks. First of all, there are legal prerequisites that will sooner or later force you to consider insurance. Tow truck drivers are exposed to occupational hazards and accidents twice as much as the national average. From sharp parts of broken cars that can easily injure your employees while loading them for towing, to getting hit by other cars on the road, things can go south. Your driver might be called into service during extreme weather conditions which can easily lead to accidents. All of these situations are serious risks and can generate critical repercussions to your business, as well as high costs for medical care. Call us: 718-336-8866

Considering all of the risks concerning your employees, you have a serious responsibility with regard to the cars you are towing and the work that you do. There is a lot of pressure involved in your business and that is why we are here to support you in finding the best possible solutions. Our tow truck coverage policies in New York are second to none.

Tow Truck Insurance Brokers in NYC

Our agents at RPK Professional Group, LLC are qualified to advise you in finding the best Tow Truck Insurance policies in NY based on the unique particularities of your business. Knowing how much responsibility you have on your shoulders, we are ready to ease the whole process of taking care of your business and employees. There are several types of coverage created for every particular need. Our clients’ satisfaction is the most important aspect in our agency. Consider a situation in which your employees may damage the property of your clients by mistake, such as further damaging a car they were towing, injuring a passenger, or damaging another vehicle passing by on the highway. Another possible situation may involve having your truck damaged regardless of the problem, or your employees getting injured in different types of accidents. Our NYC Tow Truck Insurance policies at RPK Professional Group, LLC can help cover all of these possibilities and meet your needs of developing a secure business and working environment for your employees.

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We are highly interested in contributing to making our clients’ businesses prosper and we are here to answer any questions. Our agents will provide you with further information about our Tow Truck Insurance policies in New York City. Get in touch with us at our Brooklyn office. We are looking forward to hearing from you and finding the best plan for your needs and concerns.

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