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If you own a motorcycle, then you know how important it is for you to stay careful on the road. It isn’t necessarily you that you have to worry about, but other people on the road. You can never know what might happen. It is also important that you protect your valuable motorcycle. With motorcycle insurance in New York, this is easy to do. It’s critical to have motorcycle insurance coverage in Brooklyn that you can rely on – our agents are able to help you get exactly what you need. Get on the phone with our brokers today if you’d like to know more: 718-336-8866

Personalized Motorcycle Insurance: New York City

We understand that every individual comes with a different set of needs and concerns. You will likely want to find any possible discounts to ensure you are getting the right rate. You will want the coverage you are getting explained to you clearly so you know exactly what you are getting. You might even have questions in regards to the claims process and how it works. Our agents can get you a personalized motorcycle insurance in NY so you can understand exactly how your policy works. We really take the time to speak one on one with our customers, as we believe that this is a very important part of the excellent customer service experience which we provide.

Here are some of the basic terms that you should know:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: This takes care of matters such as medical expenses and even wages lost at work which were the result of injury to another driver.
  • Medical payments: These will cover medical costs that resulted from an injury that happened to you or your passengers.
  • Property damage liability coverage: If you were at fault, this will help to cover damage to another individual’s property.
  • Personal injury protection: If you lost income after being injured in a motorcycle accident, or need assistance with medical expenses, this sort of protection can help you.
  • Comprehensive coverage: If something such as severe weather or theft ends up damaging your motorcycle, you might be covered for some repairs.
  • Collision coverage: If your motorcycle collided with another object, this sort of coverage will help to take care of the cost of damages.
  • Rental reimbursement: Certain situations might require you to have to purchase a rental if your bike is being fixed. This will help.

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