Antique Auto Insurance

If you have an antique car in New York, then you need antique auto insurance. Brooklyn locals, as well as residents throughout New York, are in luck because we offer the coverage that you need here at RPK Professional Group, LLC.

Sometimes referred to as collector car insurance or classic car insurance, this is very important coverage that is needed for your special vehicle. Clearly, if you are the owner of such a unique vehicle, you have good taste. And we can tell you that we are able to satisfy your needs and expectations when it comes to quality coverage. Antique trucks and cars need different insurance than regularly automobiles. You might have questions about how everything works, and our brokers in Brooklyn, NY are able to provide the answers that you need.

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If your vehicle is older than 20 years old, then it is likely considered an antique. However, other vehicles will qualify, too. It is our goal to make sure your beautiful antique vehicle stays protected. With our antique auto insurance coverage in New York, you can expect to see packages which include repair options and special claims, value coverage, liability options, damage options, competitive premiums and more. Our brokers want to make sure that you get everything you are looking for in one convenient place. We make it a point to ensure that you are covered if you are in New York. Antique auto insurance is just a phone call away with our experienced agents.

Antique Auto Insurance: Classic Car Coverage in NY

Our agents are able to provide classic car insurance coverage in NY that you just won’t be able to find elsewhere. No matter what you call it – tailored old car insurance, classic auto insurance coverage, or even antique auto insurance protection, you need it and we have it. You’ve worked hard to be able to maintain your special vehicle. You likely want to pass it down so that it stays in your family. We want to help you protect this special legacy. And you need a unique, personalized antique auto insurance plan in New York that will help you to do this. RPK Professional Group, LLC is here for you every step of the way. If you get on the phone with us, we will explain everything to you in further detail. We always take the time to make sure that our customers are getting all of the information that they need to understand how things work, so they end up getting the best plan for them and their needs.

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We are looking forward to helping you find the antique auto insurance plan in New York that you need. Dial our number to speak directly with our brokers. They are experienced, hard-working and ready to help you.

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